The following questions and answers can help you find the solutions regarding our products and their uses.
First of all, we advise you to read carefully the product instruction manual and to follow as closely as possible the security instructions (instruction manuals are available on our web site)
Some of the technical information such as blade installation are already shown in the manual.

The PRCI QEP Group Company has acquired TOMECANIC and BENETIERE brands.
The whole range was reshuffled; some former products no longer exist.
We cannot offer an After Sales Services for products bought before 2014 because we do not have the spare parts.

If the item is not in our web site, this means that it is not available.

We recommend that you follow the basic advice to maintain and increase the life of your tools.

– Look at the quality of the tile that you are going to lay with the salesperson. He will advise you on the best blade adapted for the toughness of the tile, which will allow you to obtain cleaner cuts. For example, the blade sold with the tile saw or bridge saw allows you to cut ceramic tiles. For tough stoneware tiles, a high quality blade would be more efficient.
–  Check that your tile or bridge saw is able to cut the required shape of the tile (some datasheets are available on our web site for each tile or bridge saw).
–  Check that the machine is switched on.
– Respect the Security Instructions shown in the manual.
– The water reservoir must be filled up.
– Submerge the pump under the water before starting your work.
– Clean the machine after use. If you leave any tile residue, it can alter the cutting the next time.
– Clean the pump after use.
– The water pump should be cleaned after use; if not there is a risk of residue accumulating during the cutting.
– Please think to use a drilling guide for diamond drills.


This site is not a retail site; it is not for direct selling. We would advise you to go to one of our retailers (to find the nearest one consult the list on our web site).

Consult our site for a breakdown image of the machine and order the part from your nearest retailer. We must stipulate that all maintenance work on our machines should be done by a specialized technician and that any handling which makes the machine unusable will render the guarantee void. Our machines have a 2 year guarantee.

Spare parts can be ordered by an intermediary of the After Sales Service of your retailer who will charge you for the spare part because the machine is no longer under guarantee.

You can either consult the list of our retailers and verify that you wish to acquire is in stock, or order it by an intermediary through your chosen retailer.


Electric Machines


– The electric cable could be damaged or faulty. In this case try to push the plug into the socket the best you can and test the electric cable.
– There is no electric current from the power socket.
Do a test with another power socket and if that works have the faulty socket checked out by a professional.

There is no guaranteed cover for the problems stated above

– The PRCD switch is defective.
Some of our machines are equipped with a cut off switch which protects the electrical machine from any power surges. This box is fragile and sometimes could be faulty. In this case the machine will not start. If this happens get in touch with After Sales Services so that they can change the PRCD on your machine.

Advice : Think of re starting the PRCD when it goes into security mode to be able to restart the machine. Concerning table machines – If the machine stops disconnect it, waiting approximately 10 minutes, and reconnect.

Possible Causes

– The blade is warped : check if your blade is warped by switching on the machine and looking at the blade.
If your blade is warped it must be replaced, it is doubtless due to a bad handling, namely a side shock on the disk or excessive pressure during cutting for 45 °.
The damage on non production material is not taken into account in the guarantee of the machine

– The engine movement is damaged. If this is the case contact the After Sales Service of your retailer so that they can deal with the machine under the guarantee
– The condenser is defective. If this is the case, send it to the after sales service of your retailer so that they can deal with the machine under guarantee

– The blade doesn’t turn in the right direction. . In this case remove the blade and then reinstall it using the instruction in the manual.
– The blade is worn out. In this instance you must change the blade.
– The material is tapping against the support for the blade cover. In this case align the support of the blade cover with the blade.
— The blade is rubbed out. In this case, use an abrasive material such as Rubbing stone.
The damage on non-production material is not taken into account in the guarantee of the machine

– The adjustment support is badly positioned following an impact-In this case a readjustment is possible with the aid of a set square. Position the set square leaned on the ruler, parallel to the blade, the ruler can be adjusted with the help of the nuts.
This readjustment is possible only if the machine has a ruler that can be unscrewed.

If the ruler cannot be unscrewed you must contact the After Sales Service of your retailer so that they can deal with the machine under the guarantee.

– The motor support is warped – the blade is faulty.This is without doubt due to a shock. In this case you must contact the After Sales Service of your retailer so that they can deal with the machine under guarantee.
Attentionthe time span for dealing with this type of problem under guarantee is very short. This comes under the framework of a breakdown at the unpacking less than a month after the purchase.

– Do not pull the cutting head carriage too hard or too fast while cutting.
– Check that the blade has plenty of wate – If this is not the case add water to the tray so that the water pump is submerged
– The tiles can be very brittle – – in this instance, pull gently on the machine during cutting, and use a blade of a high quality.
– The blade is worn – – In this case change the blade.
– The diamond blade is warped : to check if your blade is warped – run the machine empty and observe the blade.
If your blade is warped, it must be replaced, that will no doubt be because of bad handling due to either a lateral impact on the blade or excessive pressure during cutting at 45°.
The damage on non production material is not taken into account in the guarantee of the machine

Consult our site for the list of recommended blades – This will help you with your choice (link to be inserted).

– The tap is closed – All of our pumps are equipped with a tap for security – this tap should be in an open position when using the machine so that the blade is kept watered. Always verify that the tap is open before using.
– The pump is blocked or dirty – In this case take off the pump and clean it with clear water so that the tube is unblocked. We advise that the pump should be cleaned after use, this is part of the machine maintenance. It will, of course, be more difficult once the residue has dried to unblock and clean the pump.
We remind you that the pump should be completely immersed under water.

– The rail could be dirty – In this case, clean and grease the rail to allow a better sliding action.

– In this instance contact the After Sales Service of your retailer so that they can deal with this.

Look at the machine instruction manual – blade assembly is shown.
Attention – there is only one direction of assembly

In this case you must contact the retailer who will order a replacement through the After Sales Service.

Most of our table machines are equipped with a detachable tray which allows it to be filled up and emptied in an independent fashion.

Concerning our bridge saws, the water tray equipped with a stopper.

The maximum length of cutting possible with the PRCI tile cutter is indicated on the product packaging.
For diagonal cuts consult our chart of diagrams of diagonals to find the diagonal for your tile and to confirm that the tile cutter you have acquired will be able to do this cut.


Manual tile cutters


Before using the manual tile cutter you must remember certain important points.
There is no point in drawing abruptly on the tile, at the risk of having no clear image and wearing out the thumb wheel prematurely.
It is equally important to clean the machine after use.

Users Guide : Mark the tile with the thumb wheel starting from the bottom to the top (applying pressure) push with the cutting head on the top part of the tile without moving it.

You will find a sheet on adjustment instruction advice on our internet site, that you can use when and if you encounter difficult cutting work.

When the tracing line has been drawn with the thumb wheel (applying an even pressure from the bottom to the top of the tile), it is advisable to position the break system at the beginning of tile so that the tile will break in a clean and precise manner (Look at our adjustment advice sheet on the web).

This could certainly be due to thumb wheel wear. This part is expendable and it is necessary to change it at some time as it wears out. It can be worn out quickly depending on the type of tile and use of the machine.

Unscrew each side of the thumb wheel and put a new one in place.

The dimensions of the thumb wheel are shown on the packaging of the tile cutter. This is available in all retail outlets who distribute PRCI products and you will find them listed on the web site.

It is important to clean the machine after use. During the cutting tile residue can get stuck in the rail and make the sliding action difficult.
The machine sometimes needs a bit of grease to help it work well (with a lubricant).

Your will find a table showing diagrams of diagonals allowing you to choose your tile cutter according to the dimensions of your tiles. The length of the cut should be equal or greater than the diagonal dimension of the tile.


Other tools


Please check the carbon brushes still usable. If it is not the case, 2 carbons are supplied with the TH MIXER.
To replace them please unscrew the plastic screws on each side of the mixer, take off the worn carbons, put the new carbons inside and screw the plastic screws again.

In this case the bearings could be faulty.
Please contact your retailer for After Sales Service.