Established in France in 1961, TOMECANIC® was the first company to offer a complete range of tiling tools for French suppliers and distributors. The Company has successfully developed its brand and market share by providing innovative tiling tool products such as: manual tile cutters, electric tile cutters with a clever inner tile cutting system and a special mosaic tile cutter. These products have been very successful, especially the manual tile cutter, in particular, the top quality model called SUPERCOUP® made in France and sold worldwide.

In 1995, the French company TOMECANIC® bought BÉNETIÈRE®, founded in France in 1931, who enjoys a great reputation for having invented the first electric tool for shaping natural stone, they also offer a complete range of diamond blades.

Thus the two brands combined offer a wide range of products, including manual and electric tile cutters, hand tools and accessories for tiles, diamond blades, crowns and diamond drill bits and electric mixers, serving professionals.

Since April 1, 2014, TOMECANIC® and BÉNETIÈRE® brands are now part of the International QEP® Group.

This acquisition helped to modernize and revitalize these two brands (new logo, new design, etc…), and reinforce even more the position of the QEP® Group as the global leader in flooring tools and accessories.

Thus the brands :


carry on within the QEP® Group
to become the sole Professional brand !


With this new design as well as many other developments to be discovered…
And only distributed among professionals and Pro distribution !


QEP® Co., Inc., established in 1979, is an international, world-class supplier of industrial quality and innovative solutions in the world of flooring.

As a global leader, the QEP® Group provides a complete and consistent range in the areas of wood flooring, laminates, assembly equipment, adhesives and glues, and related accessories for both professional users and the general public.

The Group provides powerful tools and advanced technology in a large number of professional and industrial areas, under the brands QEP®, ROBERTS®, Capitol®, Harris®Wood, Homelux®, TileRite®, Nupla®, HISCO®, Ludell®, Vitrex®, Plasplugs, PRCI®, Porta-Nails® et Elastiment®, LA CARRELETTE®, TOMECANIC® and BENETIERE®.

The QEP® Group sells more than 7,000 products through distribution networks both in progression and DIY in more than 80 countries worldwide.

Welcome into the world of the Global Leader of flooring tools !